Cyborg Dreams

An Intersection of Media, Japan, and Fandom

Where You Are

Cyborg Dreams is the realization of my desire to put my research and ideas into the public sphere. The articles here will cover both academic and fan views of different areas of geek culture, primarily that of American anime fandom, but other topics may include; Japanese culture, other contemporary American sub-cultures (goths, nerds, etc.), musings on what it means to be a geek, photo essays, book reviews, and cyborgs/transhumanism.

As the Nintendo generation begins to age daily life and pop culture in America becomes more and more inundated with the things we grew up with and loved; analog video game music, Toonami, giant robots, and Dungeons & Dragons. My goal is to give you a geek’s perspective on where we are and where we’re going.

New posts happen on Saturdays, with some irregularity.

If you would like to be a guest contributor please email me.